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Soothe your eczema skin with DreamSkin® clothing

DreamSkin® clothing is available for purchase directly from us or available through prescription from the NHS.

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Image by Fé Ngô

Atopic Eczema Sufferer

“After 8 weeks of using DreamSkin there has been a profoundly positive effect on Oliver’s  skin. His eczema is far more controlled because he finds the pyjamas comfortable”

Shadow on the Wall

Atopic Eczema Sufferer

"The best thing is when they are on; they feel special and soothe me. They are cool and stop me being sore. I slept straight through the night too."

Image by Nsey Benajah

Atopic Eczema Sufferer

“This is the first time in nearly 40 years I don’t have an itchy red patch in the middle of my chest – it’s fantastic. I had given up trying to shift it years ago ”

Tesco Wearer Trial

In August 2014 Tesco® and DreamSkin® conducted a wearer trial of DreamSkin® treated clothes as part of the development towards and F&F® baby clothing range that utilises our advanced polymer technology. The trial was a resounding success with 80% of the trials seeing a marked improvement in the condition of their skin after just two weeks of use. You can view the full results of our trials by clicking on the PDF icon. 

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