DreamSkin is relief from eczema, dermatitis and dry skin

DreamSkin is a range of 124 polymer coated medical grade silk garments that reduce the unregulated loss of moisture from damaged skin and help to regulate and normalise body temperature. The polymer also protects the patients skin by acting as a barrier to common irritants. 

DreamSkin technology is intended to offer symptomatic relief from itching associated with dry skin conditions, is perfect for soothing dry and troubled skin and provides accelerated relief and recovery for sufferers of contact dermatitis and eczema. 

Since the above benefits are delivered simply whilst wearing the garments, the issue of non-compliance affecting more common treatments like emollients and steroid creams are overcome. Dreamskin has no metabolic, immunologic or pharmacological effect.

DreamSkin technology and how it works 

DreamSkin garments are ergonomically designed close-fitting silk clothing engineered with flat seams to minimize seam rubbing in sore and irritated areas. The fabric is knitted from serecin free, medical- grade silk yarn and is coated with Methacryloyloxyethyl-2-(trimet-Hylammoniumethyl) phosphate, inner Salt-Stearylmethacrylate copolymer – CAS number is 144514-08-9 (DreamSkin polymer)

The DreamSkin polymer is applied to the silk fabric by ionic-coupling creating a firm and wash durable bond between fibres and chemical. During the drying phase of the fabric manufacturing process, the polymer molecules reorder into a lamella structure, which mirrors the structure of the polar group of phospholipids in the human cell membrane, one of whom’s primary functions is to regulate moisture. 

Dreamskin relieves skin by:

Retaining 30% more moisture

Maintaining temperature regulation

skin irritants

the wearer