“Winter is Coming” – Protect your Skin!

The September sun was a welcome relief after a less than satisfactory summer during the earlier months. But the drop in temperature in the last few days means that in the words of House Stark, “winter is coming”.

And while it is highly unlikely that we will face white walkers and ice dragons, there is one battle that many of us will face once again – the battle to keep our skin safe.

Winter is coming! make sure to wrap up warm.

When the outside temperature starts to drop, our bodies start to change temperature more frequently. Essentially, we move from the warm indoors to the cold outdoors and back again. And whilst there’s no question that fresh air is a good thing, it is important to do what we can to protect our skin – especially those of us tackling eczema and other dry skin conditions.

That’s why it is so important to manage your temperature in the colder months. First, and we don’t want to sound like a nagging parent here – wrap up warm! It may seem obvious but making sure your skin isn’t exposed to those stark (sorry) temperature changes is vital. It is also advisable to avoid hot water when you’re cold, no matter how tempting it may be.

In the current environment, washing one’s hands is perhaps more important than ever, but try to avoid doing so with overly hot water. The same applies, sadly, to those cockle-warming baths and cobweb-shattering showers that many of us crave when it’s cold out. Whilst the hot water may feel great, the sudden change in temperature can irritate and dry out the skin.

Keeping the skin moist is, as ever, vital to keep it healthy but in the winter this can be more difficult because the air is drier. Perhaps invest in a humidifier to avoid that dry, cracked, and painful skin. Just to make it more complicated, too much moisture is also a bad thing. So, if you’re out in the rain and your clothes get cold and/ or wet – try to remove them as soon as possible. Colder, damper environments are a breeding ground for fungi and other bacteria that can harm your skin.

One tip you’ll see from every skincare expert – us included – is to moisturise regularly. Many experts recommend always carrying moisturiser with you, regularly applying it to your skin and the skin of your children. But, especially for anyone who has tried to encourage a child to do anything regularly – especially allowing a parent to apply any form of ointment – it is almost impossible. Also, for adults, finding the time or being in a location one feels comfortable in enough to apply your lotions and potions can be a nightmare.