The DreamSkin® polymer difference

The Dreamskin polymer difference

The DreamSkin® polymer is based on the same technology used for contact lenses.

The biomimetic copolymer matrix forms a multi-layered membrane around each individual strand of silk.

This means that every individual strand of silk in a DreamSkin® garment contributes to its ability to mimic healthy epidermis.

DreamSkin® Health garments are manufactured from the highest quality silk fibre and then finished with the unique DreamSkin® polymer which provides the benefits to eczema and dermatitis sufferers.

DreamSkin is a range of 124 polymer coated medical grade silk garments that reduce the unregulated loss of moisture from damaged skin The DreamSkin® molecule is applied to textiles by nano-sphere dispersion. Our technology creates a firm bond between fibres and chemical at a nano level. During the drying process the molecules reorders into a lamella structure, which is similar in structure to the polar group of phospholipids in the human cell membrane.

The multi-layer lamella structure formed with these polymers is both hydrophobic and hydrophilic. The hydrophobic element provides an external barrier effect against irritants (effectively displacing other molecules from either attaching to the fabric or from dispersing through fabric during use) and the hydrophilic provides a moisture retaining and enhancing property.

DreamSkin® garments also contain a class-leading zinc-based antibacterial which provides excellent control of typical skin-colonising bacteria within the garment, which ensures microbial cleanliness at all times.

How to Get DreamSkin®

DreamSkin® is a Class 1 medical device available on prescription from your healthcare professional, GP or Dermatologist.