Tim –  Atopic eczema sufferer

“This is the first time in nearly 40 years I don’t have an itchy red patch in the middle of my chest – it’s fantastic. I had given up trying to shift it years ago ”

Tim is a 39 year old who has suffered from moderate to mild eczema throughout his life. Starting in early childhood, flexural areas were most severely affected often causing irritation and pain, with outbreaks less often occurring on chest and neck.

Sporadic self medicating using OTC emollients has provided limited control over the worst eczema flares, but Tim has become accustomed to this as part of everyday life and hasn’t consulted a doctor on his condition in over twenty years. He has constantly had red, itchy, patches on his chest during this time.

Tim has worked in the motor trade for most of his adult life, and has noticed that his eczema is affected by a number of factors – particularly some washing powders and weather – cold and damp conditions generally leading to an increase in his symptoms.

In early 2010 his business purchased new, poor quality work shirts which were compulsory for all employees. 3 weeks after first wearing the t-shirts Tims eczema had returned on his chest at the worst level since his teens (see picture – Tim Before) and remained at that level, despite daily use of E45 cream, for 6 months.

Tim Before

Tim After

Tim was given a roll-neck long sleeved Dreamskin top which he decided to use as a pyjama top at night. After three days of wearing the top at night only, the patch of eczema was almost entirely gone (see picture – Tim After). He did not apply E45 during this period, or since, and has continued to wear the new work shirts during the day.