Case Studies

Jon’s Story

Jon is a 4 year old boy who has had severe full-body eczema since birth. He has experienced a full range of treatment including numerous steroids, Protopic, occlusive cotton garments, antihistamines and UVB therapy; all with minimal success.

He was prescribed a set of DreamSkin pyjamas, and his mother reported a noticeable improvement within 48 hours. He has since been sleeping far better at night and itch has been reduced during the day. His skin has become calmer and the potency of steroids, and their regularity of use, has been reduced.

Debbie’s Story

Debbie is a dermatology nurse consultant who has suffered from hand dermatitis for many years – which has worsened in recent years with the introduction of alcohol gels and foams. This has been severe enough to always require the use of diprobase and cotton gloves at night; as well as a strong steroid when her skin is really bad, reducing to a milder steroid as the skin flare gets under control – something which has been happening ‘on a fairly regular basis’.

She was supplied with a pair of adult Dreamskin gloves, and reports that “I have found them a lot better to wear at night than the cotton gloves I had at home. Since wearing the gloves I have hardly ever had to use a strong steroid and on the two occasions that hands have started to break out I have only used a mild steroid. I am very happy with the gloves, which I have been using for several months.”

Toby’s Story

Toby is a very typical 11 year-old school boy. His severe eczema is both an irritation and an embarrassment to him and he desperately wants to be the same as others at school. He has not been keen to wear garments at school or apply creams – anything which might make him stand out as different.

Dreamskin was introduced by his clinical nurse specialist as “posh pyjamas for eczema” which have been used – in conjunction with his existing emollient and steroid treatment – for several months. His mother has reported an improvement in sleep and reduction of night-time scratching which has led to a clear improvement in skin condition. His skin is generally calmer, with fewer, less severe outbreaks, and he feels far more confident and happy at school as a result.

Anna’s Story

Anna is a nineteen year old girl who suffers from sore, cracked and damaged hands. She works in a gymnasium, and due to all the contact with people washer her hands “at least twenty times a day” Her hands are a constant source of embarrassment to her – particularly around her boyfriend – and despite using emollients regularly throughout her life has never been able to keep her hands from getting red, rough, split and extremely sore.

He was prescribed a set of DreamSkin pyjamas, and Anna was prescribed a pair of Dreamskin adult gloves, and following a week of wearing them at night only, reported that her hands were looking better than she could ever remember. This continued over the following few weeks, and her hands are now looking and feeling significantly more soft and supple and all splits in the skin have healed. She is continuing to wear the gloves at night only.

Brendan’s Story

Brendan is a 7 year-old with lifetime eczema whose family have found managing his eczema a real challenge. He has been seen at clinic monthly, but has very low compliance to creams and “messy treatments” and was wanting a wonder cure

She was supplied with a pair of adult Dreamskin gloves, and reports that “I have found them a lot better to wear at night than the cotton gloves I had aDreamskin pyjamas were introduced as ‘special pyjamas’ to be used with a reduced emollient and steroid therapy, and the first follow-up appointment showed a marked improvement in skin condition and Brenda’s temperament. He has now not been back to the clinic for over 3 months.

Charlotte’s Story

Charlotte is an eight year-old girl, who developed atopic eczema at three months of age which affects her entire body and is red, weepy, itchy and has stopped her sleeping properly her entire life.

The night she first wore her prescribed Dreamskin pyjamas, Charlotte slept throughout the whole night and this continued for the next week.

Over the next two weeks her skin improved to the best it had ever been. Her parents were able to reduce her topical corticosteroids down to a moderate preparation more rapidly than usual as her skin was so much better.


Tim’s Story

Tim is a 39 year old man who has mild to moderate recurring eczema throughout his life – mainly on chest and hands. Since having to wear new, poor quality work shirts, the eczema on his chest had got progressively worse over a 6 month period – exacerbated by night- time scratching.

After three days of wearing of a Dreamskin pyjama top at night only, the patch of eczema was almost entirely gone. Dreamskin was only worn at night, and the same shirts during the day. Tim said “this is the first time in nearly 40 years I don’t have an itchy red patch in the middle of my chest – its fantastic!”


Rose’s Story

Rose is 7 she was born with very dry skin which quickly developed into atopic eczema, her face the most severely affected area. Over the years it has become more severe with patches of eczema all over her body and in her flexural areas. Her facial eczema has improved but the eczema on her body got worse.

Rose was given a pair of DreamSkin Health pyjama’s which she immediately said felt ‘soft, comfortable and lovely’. She has worn them for two months and her nights are much improved as she is sleeping well and itching is reduced. She does still wake occasionally and she takes anti-histamines at night but the quality of her sleep has improved immensely. Her mother says her skin has definitely improved during this time and the pyjamas appear to help re-hydrate her skin.

Oliver’s Story

6 year old Oliver has had atopic eczema since he was born. He has been treated in secondary care since 2007 and his “flare ups” have been managed with Eumovate and Epaderm a couple of times a day when his eczema is under control.

A Paediatric Dermatology Consultant suggested that he tries the DreamSkin Health pyjamas. After 8 weeks since using the product there has been a profoundly positive effect on his skin. Oliver’s eczema is far more controlled because he finds the pyjamas comfortable and will use them most nights, unlike similar products which have been used in the past.

Oliver’s mother would recommend DreamSkin Health to other parents who have children with eczema and would be happy to speak to anyone who needs to hear from their experience.